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Taizhou Lihao Mould Co.,Ltd is a top and professional thin wall mold expert China. We not only a disposable container mould manufacturer, but also a thin wall mould solution supplier.

Thin wall mold expert China have ten reasons to make you have confidece to choose us...

1. Each project is charged by designated engineer

2. Rapid prototyping is available if required;

3. Moldflow is available if required;

4. General mould assembly (2D/3D) Drawing will be provided for customer to check and confirm;

5. Weekly mould progress/timeline will be provided in Excel file, meanwhile we will take some mould pictures or video to show the progress;

6. We will do special treatment for each customer, in order to meet different requirment;

7. If required, we can provide certification of steel chemical composition and hardness;

8. LKM, JUFAN, YUDO, DME, HASCO AND HANDLING are our long-time supplier;

9. Our pursuing spirit is: detail decides quality, innovation creats progress;

10.We do every thing as our promise, short lead-time, first-class quality, excellent service for before-sale, through manufacturing and after-sale.

Thin wall mold expert's product advantage:

1. mould life:≥5,000,000
2.excellent cooling system

3.even wall thickness distortion
5.very short cycle time
6.perfect lock system, water proof
7.perfect parting line
8.good stacking
9.high surface quality air gaps/bubbles burn marks

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